Dance Classes


Spring Flamenco Classes in Portland, OR through June 2019


6:30pm – Level 1 (mixed beginning): Flamenco Technique & Choreography - Las Sevillanas

7:30pm – Level 2 (lower intermediate): Flamenco Technique & Choreography - Fandangos de Huelva

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Dance With Joy Studios, Portland, OR

Summer Flamenco Classes in Portland, OR

8-Week Summer Session, July-August, 2019 (no class July 11)


6:30pm – Level 1 (mixed beginning): Flamenco Technique & Choreography: Rumba flamenca! One of the ida y vuelta or "roundtrip" forms, rumba is a 4-count rhythm with roots in Cuba. We will be working on basic pasos (steps) and marcajes (marking patterns) as we learn to express the feeling and form of this infectious rhythm. We'll use one of my favorite Spanish classical guitar pieces, "Capricho árabe" by Francisco Tárrega, adapted "por rumba" by flamenco guitarist, Chuscales. 


7:30pm – Level 2 (lower-mixed intermediate): Flamenco Technique & Choreography: Lyrical body expression and footwork (12-count). This class will focus on technique and expression, integrating simple footwork patterns with upper body movement. We will be working with a flamenco adaptation of the classic ballad "Bésame mucho" by Mexican songwriter Consuelo Velasquez. This bittersweet love song is about the fear of separation.



Day Theater and Arts Building (formerly New Day Center for the Arts)

5516 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97206

Upstairs in the Percussive Dance Studio.

Student testimonials:


"I highly recommend Elena as a teacher! She not only teaches the basics of belly dance, but she infuses cultural, historical, performance, and musical elements into her classes to create a well-rounded dancer. I have studied with dozens of teachers in this art form, and Elena is among the best. Whether you are looking to simply take classes for fun, or develop yourself into a performance artist, Elena is a great resource." 

–Valerie Reynolds

“Elena’s variety of dance expertise and interpretation of music make her the most inspiring belly dance teacher I have studied with. Her fun personality and professionalism combine in a teaching style that brings out the best in each of her students. I love learning her choreographies!”

–Charlotte Atwood

“Elena's classes are the perfect blend of spiritual and physical. She taught me that beauty is not a question of size or shape, but of mastery of the body. After working with Elena, I gained grace, confidence and poise both in and out of class. She brings to every class a deep knowledge of the music, both rhythmic and cultural.” 

–Tina Sarno Cole

During the 5 years I took private belly dance lessons with Elena, my technique and musicality greatly improved. I really love her teaching style: she is organized and very knowledgeable about the Middle Eastern music, dance, and culture. She is meticulous and pays attention to detail, especially when it comes to reflecting the music through movements. I would highly encourage any dancer to study with Elena! 

–Sabrina Toro

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